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Maryland's Highest Rated Flat Fee MLS Listing Service

Highest Rated Flat Fee MLS Listing Service in Maryland


No Payments + No Interest if paid in full in 6 months
Would you like to buy a flat fee mls listing now and pay in 6 months with no interest?
We have a vendor who provides a new way to fund your flat fee MLS listing
It's fast and easy - no credit card to enter and approval just takes seconds
Your purchases ship to you now and the bill comes later
All of your purchases will appear on one bill
It's safe - you're covered with "Zero Fraud Liability" Protection

Quick review of Realcomp MLS Case:

An MLS creates rules that hide discounter/innovator brokers' listings,
the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) investigates,
the MLS (called Realcomp) refuses to change rule,
the FTC sues the MLS for restraint of competition,
the MLS gets NAR funding to fight the FTC,
the Case is tried in Washington, DC, Albert Hepp testifies as a flat fee MLS Broker, then
the MLS wins the FTC case.

[Booing, hissing]

There are so many questionable flat fee MLS listing websites out there, it is essential that sellers do their homework to avoid a bad experience. Many sellers fail, not because they went with a flat fee multiple listing, but because they chased saving the last dollar and got burned. Don't sign up for a listing until you have taken a couple of minutes for due diligence:

We just had a seller call us who was comparing us to a different flat fee brokerage, one we happen to know has a not so good record with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It seems a number of their past flat fee MLS listing sellers have been so unsatisfied that they complained to the BBB, and as a result their rating at the BBB is not so good. We know the big difference in track record and hope that home sellers comparing us do the essential research so they can avoid a bad situation.

One of our sellers recently had a compliment that we usually don’t hear. This wasn’t a compliment from a seller, about our service (we hear those regularly)—this was a compliment from a buyer agent to our seller. We just happened to be carbon copied on the email exchange between our seller and the buyer agent. The buyer agent said “You are a great seller to work with!”